Cat Eye

Unleash Your Inner Diva with Luxury Women's Cat Eye Sunglasses from AOFE's Vintage Inspired Collection with Modish Design

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Unleash the Diva in You with AOFE’s Designer Women's Cat Eye Sunglasses

Fashion is nothing but an expression of our unique style. With course of time, sunglasses have become an integral part of everyday style and an accessory to unveil your true self by being in tune with what’s en vogue. In other words, sunglasses are an excellent option to add flair to life. So, wear a designer frame that complements your face shape and admire your own precious self every time you see yourself in the mirror. Do you choose to make a statement with cat eye shaped frames and step out in style and confidence? Undoubtedly, mirror cat eye sunglasses will reflect the charm in you, whereas oversized cat eye glasses are every inch iconic and retro, and in sync with the contemporary trends.
Cat eye sunglasses have made a glamorous fashion comeback and probably are the most popular style among the vintage eyewear designs. Audrey Hepburn first popularized cat eye glasses in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and they continued to amaze everyone with Hollywood royalty, Marilyn Monroe wearing exquisitely designed cat eye glasses. This frame shape then became the raging style trend in the1950s and reached its peak popularity in 60s. Eventually these retro glasses became the fashion accessory of the next decade and are still a favorite choice for many women around the world.